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Jozef Ludwikiewicz

Oils and Watercolor

Jozef Ludwikiewicz was born in Lodz, Poland in 1911. From his earliest years, he showed great artistic talent and 1924-26 he became the youngest art student in Lodz Art School. In the 1930's he was accepted to the Poznan Art Academy where he developed his drawing and composition to perfection.

Jozef dedicated his artistic talent to praise the beauty of Poland. Spectators may admire the colorama of a Polish fall season, the countenance and beauty of the Baltic Sea, the majesty of the Polish woods, the unique sights of Polish vilages and fields of golden wheat. The artist presented his paintings at many galleries in Polland, Italy and France.
"Vase of Flowers in Front of Window"
"Stormy Winter Sky"
"Flowers in Earthen Vase"
"Flowers in Crystal Vase"

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